Resiliency Initiative

The Resiliency Initiative is a partnership between Facebook and The Asia Foundation which aims to promote tolerance, strengthen interfaith and inter-ethnic understanding, and counter violent extremism by helping to build resilient communities across APAC.

The Resiliency Initiative delivers a range of capacity-building programs for civil society organizations to help develop localized positive narrative campaigns online. These campaigns aim to counter intolerance and discrimination, focusing primarily but not solely on areas or groups affected by violent conflict.

The initiative is built to be adaptive to local needs and real world shifts, tackling challenges that communities face regarding the pandemic and resilience around increased tensions along religious, ethnic and gendered lines.

In 2020 the Resiliency Initiative reached a range of activists working with marginalised communities from over 60 organisations across 10 countries in Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, India). As the project grows so will the geographic scope, toolkits made available and online resources.