Voice+ is an initiative that brings together the best in civil society, grassroots organizations, peace and youth activism, and journalism across India to promote peace initiatives, and create positive changes in the face of hate, fear, and the unknown. Through collaboration we all succeed.

Voice+ Dialogues

Voice+ Dialogues is a platform for practitioners, experts, and NGO leaders to share their experiences of countering violent extremism in different parts of India, and for people building positive changes in the face of terrorism and insurgency. Through encouraging positive, community-building dialogues and sharing of ideas, individuals collaborate to solve problems together.

Every change in the socio-political landscape gives rise to societal tensions. Understanding that the best solutions are born on middle ground, we founded the Voice+ Dialogues initiative, a platform for local citizens to come together from a variety of angles and walks of life to work toward a common solution.

Nearly 100 civil society and grassroots organizations, peace and youth activists, and journalists participated in Voice+ Dialogue symposium events around India in 2018.

Voice+ Counterspeech Labs

Voice+ Counterspeech Labs are 2-day workshops for university students, policymakers, and law enforcement to counter extremist narratives through photography, storytelling, humor, and digital video.

Voice+ Counterspeech Labs were rolled out in 5 cities across India, equipping 515 university students, policymakers, and experts with the essential tools and resources to rise up against radicalization and violence.

"Our workshop focused on things like how to write a script, film a video, edit it and such things. What we learned was how committed young people are to creating impactful content. They don’t need to be incentivized; what they need is to be equipped with the skills to do it."

Priyank Mathur, Founder of Mythos Labs