Counterspeech efforts in Tunisia

Our counterspeech efforts in Tunisia have reached over 5.2MM people to date. Explore this page to learn about local initiatives, campaigns, resources, and partners in your community.

P2P: Facebook Global Digital Challenge

P2P has reached more than 200 million people through campaigns run by 6,500 students from 375 universities in 75 countries.

The following universities and organizations in Tunisia have participated in the program: Mediterranean School of Business, Universitè de Carthage, Youth and Horizons, Tunis Business School, Univerity of Tunis El Manar, Ege University.

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Resources and Research

  • 2016 Demos Counter Speech Report (Part II)

    In October 2015, Demos published a report, supported by Facebook, which examined the activity of counter-speech and populist right-wing groups on Facebook and made recommendations for how counter-speech groups could more effectively diffuse their messages. This report sets out the summary findings of phase II of this project, examining how speech which challenges extreme Islamist narratives is produced and shared in different parts of the world. This comparative study looks includes data from France, the UK, Morocco, Tunisia, Indonesia and India.

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